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Mr Kelly

mr kelly launches Australian silk scarves

by: Mark Kelly on


On Sat 5th October in the MKImages Gallery (which is part of the Milk Factory Gallery complex in Bowral) I opened my latest photographic print exhibition called "Autumnal".

My daughter is also exhibiting. This is now her second exhibition! All the exhibition images can be found on my photography website www.mkimages.com.au

What was extra-exciting was that this also coincided with the launch of my new brand "mr kelly" range of silk scarves. My concept was to produce a fine art scarf using my images as the basis for the designs. However, it took quite a bit of research and testing to find an Australian-based supplier that understood the need for colour management and could translate my very detailed images to fabric.

I finally decided on 100% silk crepe de chine as this fabric is just sumptuous. I know as a bloke I am not supposed to like fabric, but I think silk is just divine!

 The printing process using solvent-based inks reacts with a special coating on the silk to infuse the ink into the threads. A heat and subsequent steam process "fixes" the ink and ensures permanent, rich colours that results in the fabric being hand-washable.

 Just as a side-note, I had in mind (as well as a couple of people suggesting) since it was an exhibition inspired by autumn, that would make sense to display the scarves using an autumn tree. After much searching for possible props, time was running out so I decided that I would just make a tree!

After printing out several rough photos my wife and I re-arranged the various pieces on a table until we were happy with the shapes. We in fact cut and paste (by actually cutting and taping) the bits of paper!.

All the pieces of paper were then taped together and by using a felt marker I drew different curves by hand before cutting out as a template.

I did not try to explain to the local hardware timber yard why I needed 17mm structural ply, just that I wanted to purchase three sheets. After unloading the sheets of plywood from my ute I laid out the paper template and simply traced around with a felt marker.

A jig-saw made fairly short work of the cutting. Also the remaining cut-out bits look very interesting - I may have to use them in a future display as well!. The next step was careful sanding to ensure scarves would not catch and snag on the display.

The scarves are hung via wooden curtain rings. The trees are made free-standing by fitting the inside of concrete pots with a slot mechanism that the trees simply slide into.


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